I highly recommend this home daycare. We are from out of town and finding a daycare was an anxiety provoking task, but after meeting with Lobna our fears quickly subsided! Our son has been attending her daycare for 2 years now, and soon our daughter will be attending as well. Lobna provides a safe and nurturing environment. She provides the children with amazing homemade healthy meals. Her house is clean and inviting. Her children are sweet and polite and love the daycare children. My son loves Lobna as well as her children. When my husband and I drop our son off we know that he is is great hands and that we don't have to worry about his well-being or safety! Thank you Lobna! XO

- D Douglas

My daughter has been going to Lobna's for two years and my son for about six months. Seeing how my children greet and interact with Lobna speaks volumes! They are well cared for and loved, and my daughter always asks if she's going to Lobna's. She also loves Lobna's kids and knows them all by name, and I feel like my children are treated like part of the family.

I would highly recommend Lobna as a warm, friendly, loving, highly reliable and competent daycare provider!

- B Zahran

What a blessing it was to have found Lobna for our two kids. She cared for them like they were her own. Loving them, and providing them healthy meals and snacks. Being trilingual was definitely an asset as it helped them prepare for school. The kids always had a smile on their face when dropping them off and picking them up. Lobna's daycare has a family feel, and it is apparent in the way my kids speak about Lobna's loving children. The way Lobna's children respect you when dropping off/picking up speaks volumes on how Lobna treats your own children. I highly recommend Lobna as a daycare provider.

- K

From our very first meeting with Lobna, we were very comfortable as she had a warm spirit, friendly, and safe home. We had no hesitation deciding that this was the environment we wanted our twin boys to continue to develop away from home. Our sons have now been at Lobna's bilingual daycare for over two years and it has been a great experience for all us. My sons loves playtime, movie time, and meal time especially! They also love the healthy snacks they sometimes get to take home with them at the end of the day. I sometimes get meal ideas from my 3 year olds! Being absorbed in a bilingual environment has helped with my sons' comprehension of both English and French. Another great bonus is that Lobna has always been flexible with working with our schedule. We thank Lobna for her time, love and nurture she has provided to our sons.

- Denise Mulongoy

Lobna is an amazing caregiver. My 2 year old daughter has been with Lobna since she was 8 months and loves it there. She's been learning new words and it's so nice to hear her attempt to tell us about Lobna and her daycare friends. I know she is being well fed and cared for. Lobna has also helped us out when we needed her on some weekends. She is very flexible, friendly and helpful. Thank you Lobna!

- Jessica Dubeau

My daughter went to this daycare for 2 years and looked forward to going every day. Lobna is a very friendly, loving provider for the kids and does her very best to make them feel safe and secure. She is also very accommodating for the parents and easy to talk to. Thanks for the great experience.

- S Beshir

Our two year old son has been going to Lobna’s for the last year. It is always so reassuring, as a parent, to know that he is well cared for and to hear his excitement as he talks about his day. He particularly enjoys song time and her daily excursions to the park in the summertime (including a picnic!). Our son has really flourished in the daycare's educational and bilingual environment. Lobna was also willing to take him on a part-time basis and has been flexible re: hours. Lobna has never missed any time herself from either illness or vacation. We are having a little girl this summer and take great comfort in knowing that we have such a wonderful daycare provider to send her to when I return to work.
Merci beaucoup Lobna.

- Laura De Beck-Courcelle

Lobna and her children are wonderful. Lobna made me feel very comfortable in her care for my daughter Alexia. Her home cooked meals are nutritious and she even has given me a bit to take home from time to time ;-). Lobna has the love and care of a parent for her daycare children. I highly recommend her as a child care facility. My daughter is now 6yrs old and 3 yrs removed from her care and still she asks about Lobna and Fetena (Lobnas daughter).

- Phil Parisi

Lobna has been looking after our son part time since he was 4 months old, and full time after he turned 1. He is now two and half and loves going to Lobna's house. I call her Mary Poppins. She has nurtured him through many milestones - we are now potty training. She cooks amazing food that he loves to eat. He plays so nicely at home and sings songs, is starting to learn his letters and numbers and likes to help clean up. We know Lobna is helping teach these skills. Lobna is so loving and caring, when I travel she emails me updates in the day - she understands a parent's anxiety. We really love her and she is his second Mommy!

- Susan Kasumba

Lobna took great care of our son while he was with her. During his transition, she worked very hard to make him feel welcome and loved. She also gave us detailed updates on his progress as well as his activities. Lobna takes great pride in her childcare as well as the food she cooks for her daycare children. She is attentive to the children and for that I would certainly recommend her!

- Isabelle Mlnsn

My daughter has been going to Lobnas on and off for almost two years. She has always loved going especially with the park across the street. As a parent we have always appreciated her flexibility on pick up and drop off times along with the days that my daughter is at daycare. Another comforting bonus to her daycare is the family oriented feel. My daughter is always talking about Lobnas children as if they are her sister and brothers. I would recommend Lobna to anyone asking for daycare advice. My daughter will miss her when she leaves for school this summer.

- R. Polak

Lobna est fantastique! Our daughter has been in Lobna's daycare full-time since she was 11 months and has gown into a social, caring, and curious child thanks to Lobna! I can't write enough good things about her daycare! Lobna provides healthy, balanced home-cooked meals, brings the kids to the park across the street daily, and does various activities with the children (crafts / singing). She has always felt like a family member rather than her daycare- provider. She truly cares about your child's development and gives 110% every day. She is incredibly reliable and trustworthy! I would highly recommend her!

- Marise Robinson

Notre petite fille Brianna fréquente la garderie depuis qu'elle a 1 an. Brianna s'est habituée très vite à la garderie et est devenue un membre de la famille. En fait, il nous est très clair qu'elle aime aller à la garderie. Elle crie de joie à tous les matins en voyant Lobna, et elle s'est fait de bons amis à la garderie! Lobna est une gardienne qui adore les enfants et est très responsable. Elle prend bien soin des enfants et nous tiens au courant du développement de notre enfant à tous les jours. Les repas-santé fait maison sont délicieux! Nous apprécions aussi beaucoup que Lobna parle le français et l'anglais, puisque nous tenons à coeur que nos enfants soient bilingues. Merci, Lobna!

- Anik Teasdale

Our daughter has been going to Lobna's daycare for 2.5 years. We chose Lobna's daycare specifically for her bilingualism, which can be hard to come by in the Barrhaven area. Lobna is very caring, loving and trustworthy. Her home environment is very warm and loving, with healthy homemade prepared meals and snacks. Lobna is very accommodating and has flexible hours. She's rarely takes any time off and is never off sick. Once, during a snowstorm, we were 2 hours late and Lobna made sure our daughter was fed and she also made us feel at ease. During the summer months, Lobna will bring the children across the street to the park to have picnics and to play outside. We're very fortunate to have found her and we'd recommend her to any friends or family looking for a daycare provider. Thank you Lobna! :)

- Natalie & Denis J.

My daughter has been in Lobna’s care for over a year and a half, and I am extremely pleased with the care provided. Lobna is flexible when our schedule changes, and is understandable when situations arise. I love that she provides home cooked meals, which I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying. In one instance, I was required to work much later than usual and Lobna took it upon herself to prepare dinner for my daughter and I to enjoy that evening. Simply because she didn’t want me to stress about cooking as soon as I got home, rather she wanted me to enjoy my evening with my daughter. Thank you Lobna

- Lucie G

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